Open Wide, SEWAGE SLAVE! Training My New TOILET



I find out you have a poo fetish and decide I’m going to turn you into a filthy sewage slave. I’ve opened the sanitary sewer drain cover in the street and made you climb down there, lay under the trough below, and aim your face towards the pipe connected to my toilet, before I close the lid cover above. You know I’ll stay there as I’d be a willing participant, and you’ll have this video to look forward to watching later, slave. If you survive down there, that is 😉

God, I can’t believe how dirty you are, waiting for me to go, lying in the drain below outside. I tell you just how pathetic you are, little toilet, and humiliate you for what you’re really worth–a pile of shit. Your mistress is out of your league, slave, and eating my shit is the closest you’ll ever get to having me.

I take a shit in the toilet, and tell you how all my poo is going to come down to you and smoother your face, how dirty, messy and smelly it’s going to be…But oh, sewage slave, this is only the beginning, as there are many other toilets from different houses connected by pipes to the same drain…you’ll be so covered in poo that it’ll probably be hard to breath as time goes on… haha, let’s see if you can breathe, slave. Nobody would know you’re down there, so all the women will just go as naturally as normal. Not holding anything back and letting all the mess go… Then they’d flush it away, right onto your face.

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