Oops! Giantess Drowns You In Her Piss


Model : LoveRachelle2

I’m not like those other giants– I’m a sweet giant, and I love having little trespassers like you enter my lair. Little men like you make such cute little friends! Did you want to play a little game, sweetie? Oh, you already have something in mind? …OH! You want some Giant Gold? So sorry babe, I don’t horde gold like other monsters… Oh, you mean something else?…OH my goodness, you want to do WHAT? I’ve never been asked that before… but then again, I don’t know everything about little people like you… Are you sure that if you swim in my pee, you’ll become immortal? Well, if you insist… you can get in this jug and let me piss all over you. Hope you can swim, little man!

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