Oink Oink! Feeding Shit-Stuffed Piggy JOI



Script: Well slave, I told you my big ass would trap you. You’ve eaten samples of my shit now you need to prove your worth to me and devour the full course. Don’t run now, you’ve been training yourself for this moment all along. All the shit cookies and poo-nut butter cups you’ve eaten again and again…. it’s time to make this goddess happy and eat my raw shit, you filthy pig. But first stare at my ass, and worship the ass that is about to feed you, while I tell you what I ate. Kiss my ass, isn’t it perfect? Beg me to keep providing you with shit so that you may feed like a good piggy. Beg me to keep taking your money, you don’t need it, all you need is my big PAWG ass and my shit you pig. You belong to me, and you need to prove it. If you do a good job with dinner, maybe I’ll let you keep buying my shit, but you better do a good job because I really despise wasting my divine shit on idiot loser piggies like you. I you don’t care about your gag reflex, I only care about feeding my PIG. Cum in a countdown eating my shit like I tell you, pig!

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