Night of 100 FARTS!


Model : LoveRachelle2

By far the most farts I’ve ever captured on video… I lost count over 60… I don’t know what I fucking ate, but it tore me up!! 🙂 I pose and tease, farting in your face while I rub my moist pussy, and these farts are MEAN. Loud fart, noisy, angry farts, some cute little puffs of gas in your face and some so wet and nasty they BURN! My farts even force turds out my ass! I make sure to feed them to you 😉 And continue to waft my butt scent all over your face!

Oh god, it’s becoming too much… the smell is hot but… I’m getting overwhelmed! I’m farting so much I start to cry out to you for help, please god, suck all these farts out my ass! Put your mouth to my hole, lick my wet shitty, nasty hole and my dingleberries, these shitty farts are out of control! I’m gonna die from farting!!

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