Nasty Shit and Piss – Slave Meal



I’m going to be going away for a few days, slave, but I suppose I ought to go to the trouble of feeding you before I go, shouldn’t I? Very well then, I’ll let you grovel at my feet, and suck at my red-painted toes and as you worship me, and let you wonder what exactly I’ll bother preparing for you at the last minute. I strip out of my dress and heels as I tease, before revealing that I have a *hot* meal for you in mind to fill you right up. I piss your drink in a glass and shit out your meal–and oh my god, slave, you’re really in for it, because this pile of crap absolutely REEKS. This is the STINKIEST, nastiest shit I think I’ve ever crapped, and it’s all you’re good for. Now eat it up, follow my instructions to the T, lick and chew up that shit, mash it up in your mouth… I don’t care if you gag, you’re going to swallow it all, shit pig.

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