Monsters – Ass and Turd!



-My thick buttocks will hit with whipping and fragrant attacks, taking away your life bar and taking control of your character …
-AND? It’s all? Would you like us to add you to the game as a sleepy tail-fighting badger?
– Will this badger have huge loins?
-I think we will resolve this issue with our designer … But how big should they be? And to what extent should his «attacks» be hmmm ”fragrant”?
-Look, I brought a USB flash drive with me and it just has a video called “Monsters Ass and Turd!”
It’s not very long, but in it, I pile a huge real bunch of fresh, fragrant, and warm shit and rub my dirty ass well with my shit…
– um, of course, this is not exactly what is suitable for our indie game, but we will think of something … and …… leave the flash drive on my desk, I want to learn more about your hobby! 

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