Mommy’s Obnoxious Farts


Model : LoveRachelle2

“You come home from an event, after eating a little too much, and are extremely gassy from the foods you ate. You sit on the sofa, and proceed to rip the loudest longest bubbliest farts you ever had. Your son is in the room, and you’re not even the slightest bit embarrassed by him hearing your insane obnoxious blasts, and just laugh it off at first, then continue farting while apologizing to him. Your son is secretly turned on by your farts and refuses to leave. You have no idea that it turns him on, so you just continue to fart away. You’re playing on your phone the whole time switching legs sitting, and then lay on your side, ass towards the camera, and continue to rip the most musical farts you possibly can. Eventually your son leaves to go jerk off in the bathroom while listening to you continue to fart loud bubbly farts, and you never suspect its actually turning him on.”

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