Mommy’s G-String Farts


Model : LoveRachelle2

I return from a workout, wearing tight leggings or shorts with a visible g-string. I catch you digging through the laundry looking for my dirty panties. Busted! ?? Oh don’t worry babe, don’t be shy. It turns me on that my step-son has been jerking it to my used panties. I’ve known all along and have been purposely not showering so the panties could be extra stinky! Let’s make a little arrangement, babe, your father doesn’t have to find out ?? And you can sniff all the filthy panties of mine you want, as long as you don’t touch, don’t tell… and HUFF my farts, too! That’s right, you want this? Then I get to blast your face with my farts any time I want, and you have to sniff them! Mommy’s g-string is totally soaked. I’ll let you have it, after we finish cumming in front of each other ?? Note: This is a mommy/step-son vid first, and a fart video second! So it’s not a 100% fart video, but has LOTS of yummy farts in it ??

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