Mommy Makes You Huff Her Farts!


Model : LoveRachelle2

Mommy’s back home from another night out, says hi but is in a rush and farts–mommy really has to take a shit–only to find that your father is in the shower… and locked the door. Mommy holds her bloated belly and keeps farting and farting, trying to hold in the turd threatening to push out her hole…. she sits down on the couch and farts her brain out, tainting her skin tight shiny black leggings… all while teasing you for this weird pattern you have, where you’ll always stay in the same room with Mommy when she’s got super bad gas… wondering why you insist on staying with your stinky Mommy when her farts have stunk up the room… and accuses you, rightly, of growing up to be a fart perv–a pathetic loser who gets off on watching and smelling his Mommy fart! Well aren’t you in luck–Mommy’s going to “punish” you by blowing hot farts right in your face! Suck them down, boy… and don’t tell Daddy ?

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