Mistress’s Fart Punishment


Model : LoveRachelle2

Ugh! You annoy me, slave. Coming over here, demanding my time, demanding I give you my attention… I’m busy, you little worm. You know how this is supposed to work, right? You’re supposed to serve ME, not just come in whenever you feel like it. Well, I guess it cant be helped, considering you already paid… fine, we’ll go out to eat–but before we head out, I think you deserve some punishment! I blast hot farts right in your face and make you smell them for me. You like how they stink, slave? Fucking huff those farts–you don’t DESERVE to even breathe the same AIR as me, so make sure you get a good whiff, it’s all I’m gonna allow you to breathe until I’m satisfied. Oh, did a shart just hit you in the face? ?? That’s funny–looks like you’re gonna have to clean that up before we go out to eat!

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