Milkshake Shits



In this 12 minute long video Casey Collins has fun twerking, dirty talking, and teasing you by smacking her ass in order to shake up the shit she is holding inside. She first guilts you into your dirty fantasy then encourages it and confesses how much she enjoys it herself.

Once your Milkshake Shits are she, Casey bends over and opens up her puckering asshole to you. Are you ready to have your cock shit on? Her sputtering asshole can no longer contain the creamy mess!

She shits multiple times and can’t help but get messy; she uses her hands to spear her shit all over her ass and continues to smack her ass with her shit. At this point her pussy is dripping wet and when she bends over to pucker her asshole you can see how wet she is.

A strong steady golden shower tops off this video; it feels so good for her to let go, her moans alone will be enough to make you cum!

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