Loser Slave Gets a Shitty Surprise



*Original Upload Date: 2/27/2020*

While smothering my slave one day, I had a sadistic idea! I want my slave to close his eyes while I go bring him a surprise! Little does he know, the surprise is going to be my shitty asshole! I go off to the toilet and shit solo in front of the camera. Then as I giggle and carry the camera back out to where my slave is waiting, I shhh you and say that he’ll never see this coming! I jump back onto my slave and say surprise! revealing my messy asshole. It’s a gift for my best most beloved toilet! He is shocked and disgusted, but still I shove it in his face and make him clean it and act like he likes it. I am always so cruel to the poor slave, aren’t I? I smear it around his face and he does his best to lick it up but ultimately he fails and suffers more.

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