Lilith’s Slop (2 Angles)



Lilith Ivy is back for another scene, filmed with TWO cameras. Enjoy Lilith’s dirty, little shit-hole from TWO different perspectives.

Here are some quotes from Lilith:

“You are so pathetic for loving the fact that girls shit. This is what you get for obsessing over girls shitting asses. I love feeding large shit-loads to my human-toilet. This is why I ate so much yesterday. I made sure I am well fed, so my toilet can be well fed too. Oh, my goodness, I am impressed with my shit today. Toilet, do you want to hear about what I ate yesterday?”

“My toilet deserves this for obsessing over girls shitting asses. I took a big dump in your filthy, disgusting mouth.”

“I literally can’t believe how much shit just came from my ass. And my dirty, little shit-hole.”

“This is your place in life, where you belong, under me and my dirty, little shit-hole. Feeding you logs from my dumping derrière. Keep on looking up to girls shitty asses and see where that gets you in life, Toilet. Slave, you’re nothing but a toilet for me.”

“Keep stroking. I love watching you stroke your cock to my shit. You’re absolutely disgusting, laying in my pile of shit. Shit all over your face. My inner shit-hole spread all around you.”

“I took a huge diarrhea all over you. I am not sorry. You asked for it. Yes. Take a big whiff of that smelly shit-hole. Take a big whiff of that shit that you’re puddled in, right now. You weren’t expecting that. Were you, Toilet?”

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