Lilith’s Logs (2 Angles)



Lilith Ivy visits Tulip’s Turd Tunnel.

This scene is filmed with TWO cameras for two different camera angles. Enjoy Lilith’s firm logs from two different perspectives.

Here are some quotes from Lilith:

“Look at how hard your cock is. Jerking off to my shit. Disgusting, stinky, smelly, big shit-load. Right in your mouth. What a pervert you are.

How bad do you want to cum for my stinky, smelly ass?

Are you even worthy to cum for this perfect, shitty ass?

Stroke that small, little cock for my fucking shit.

Keep stroking that little cock. Stroke fast and hard. Grab your balls.

Think about how lucky you are that I shit on your face today.

Yes, that’s a good slave. Don’t waste a single drop. Better get to eating, Slave. Eating and stroking. Chewing, swallowing. Stroking, faster, harder.

I love when your mouth is so full that I can’t hear what you are saying. Perfect. Keep chewing and swallowing. Good boy. That nasty shit. I can’t believe you ate all my shit, Slave. You are a toilet. You are a great human toilet. I can’t believe you ate all of it. That was a big shit to eat and you only gagged once. Pathetic. You really do love being a toilet.”

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