Leaving A Present


Model : LoveRachelle2

You and I are happily together, but your damn ex keeps trying to sabotage our relationship… I can’t take “playing nice” anymore, and I wanna give her what she has coming to her… And, I know you’ll like this, cuz you’re a filthy pervert like me, aren’t you 🙂 That’s why we’re so good for each other… so I’ll let you watch, babe, as I shit in this cute little bag so I can leave a little “present” for your ex at her doorstep… My pussy drips as I push and push til all my shit oozes right out of my tight little butthole, and you can smell it as it all pours into this sweet pink baggie, and I show off your ex’s “gift”, letting you smell my revenge for that bitch before heading off to leave her my present 🙂

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