Layla’s Desperation Poop Masterpiece!



Layla’s Desperation Poop Masterpiece!

Desperation is at an all time high, and my poop just won’t stay inside me, not one second longer!! ☠️ ☠️ ☠️

My toilet is broken 😟 and the only option is to use my Grandma’s bedside potty chair!! Ohhhh it’s going to stink SO BAD, I just hope I can poop and clean her bucket before my boyfriend gets home!

Uh-oh, someone’s home early!!!!…..but wait, does he actually LIKE THIS shit!?!??

If he really likes seeing me poop in this old potty chair soooo much then I DEMAND he pull down his pants and take a big smelly shit RIGHT ON TOP OF MINE!!! I want to watch while he jerks off and blows all over our two massive piles of shit😈💩💦

WOW! 🔥🔥🔥 That was so fucking hot!!

Boyfriend’s lunch break is over and back to work he goes… but the nasty fun is JUST starting for me!

Oh I know- I’ll film my playtime for him and send him a dirty surprise video to watch while he’s finishing up his work day! 😘 😘 😘

Follow me into the bathroom for an extreme scat edging session with my favorite vibrator and anal beads 💦💦💦

My only instruction for you…..don’t nut before I do!!! 😈💦💕

XoXo, Layla💕✨

⚠️Featuring over 12 minutes of:









~FEMALE ORGASMS (plural!) ✅


Enjoy my filthy piggies and remember….NO NUTTING BEFORE I DO!!!😛

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