Laundry Day- Leggings Poop Mishap



It’s laundry day and I think why not dirty these leggings I’ve been wearing for days even more?
I’ve been saving up a large shit, I can feel it, and I need to get it out.
I get in position on the floor, and start the sweet release, pissing a little in the leggings too as I shit. But after only about half of it comes out I realize there’s a problem- the amount of shit is too large and has started to compact against my asshole, creating a seal. I can’t push anymore out! It actually hurts a little -shitting usually feels oh so good! I pull down my leggings to reveal the large clump of shit. Some shakes of my ass won’t dislodge it, so I have to get up and move to the toilet to get it out.(not shown on camera)
The leggings themselves only have bits of shit on them, it’s all mostly stuck to my ass.
I fish the perfect looking turd out of the toilet and play with it in my hands, before showing some closeups of my filthy ass.

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