Just What The Doctor Ordered



Thanks for showing up on time for your appointment… See, I’m a very “special” kind of hire. You won’t see me in one of those lab coats, but it’s OK. I can give you exactly what you need. Are you ready for what the doctor ordered? No? Oh, that’s too bad, because you see–you have no choice. But don’t worry… I have something EXTRA special planned for you *giggle* Trust me, it works EVERY time… I bend over and blast some farts in your face–you like that smell? That’s the smell of your medicine deep inside my ass. That’s right, my shit is going to cure your sad excuse for a gastrointestinal track–when you eat it, it’s gonna go through your whole system and fix you up, so you’ll shit out shits like mine from now on, and you’ll feel better in no time. Now, open your mouth, here comes your medicine… ?? Make sure you eat the whooolle thing!

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