Just Can’t Stop Farting


Model : LoveRachelle2

Ooh, babe, we have to get going! There’s no way I can miss this event… honestly, I’m not feeling that good though, are you sure we had our regular lunch? I’m just feeling a little cramped… I’m sure it’s nothing, I can still power make it…Uurgh, another wave just hit. Ok, I can power through this…. Oww.. Babe, can you get me some pepto bismol? Then I’m gonna grab my purse and we’re gonna get going… I get up to grab it and then a HUGE wave of pain crashes over me and I let out a nasty fart. Urhg! I beg you to get the pepto again and decide to try to push out some of these nasty farts before we have to get in the car….. but as I keep farting and farting, they just get worse and worse!!! I roll around in gassy agony nearly nonstop, farting loud, stinky farts until sharts come out my ass–and you’re stuck in the bathroom too, I don’t get any medicine for relief, I’m just held hostage by my nasty, boiling farts!

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