Juicy Red Bubble Butt Farts With Sharts Finale!


Model : LoveRachelle2
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Oh babe, I’m feeling pretty gassy and bloated… wanna just stay in this evening instead of going out? I can gas up the whole place 😉 I knew you’d like the sound of that! And the smell… I blow hot farts out of my perfect, plump red bubble butt, so juicy and hot you’d love to take a bite, wouldn’t you? Uh oh, I’m feeling some “blockage” suddenly… you ready to prove you’re a REAL ass man? 😉 Take EVERYTHING my ass can give you! Oh and babe? I really DO need you to prove yourself… after blasting you with sharts and popping farts, I need you to clean me up back there… with your tongue 😉

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