Juicy Farts In My See Through Chair


Model : LoveRachelle2

Get a front row seat to all these nasty farts. I start off in my panties, before peeling them off and getting dirtier ?? Long and juicy, some short loud and choppy, these farts are on their way to blow me a new asshole! ?? Over time you see how dirty this chair gets as I blast stinky farts out my cute winking butthole and wave them your way… before I know it I shart out a turd right onto the chair <3 Oh look, a present. You gonna take care of that for me, huh? I’m not done yet–and my farts push pussy juices outta my cunt–when I keep farting you get a first-rate view of my gas bubbling up my wet juices…. whew! What a relief. I feel so much better ?? Now get up, slave, you got a mess to clean up!

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