Juicy Farts in Leggings


Model : LoveRachelle2

You wined and dined some hooker off the street some gassy foods before bringing her to your room–and she’s gassy and totally confused–you don’t want to have sex, you just want her to blast your face with nasty farts! She doesn’t get it, but before you know it, she’s turning around and ripping all those nasty LOUD farts, right in your face! She swears you put something in her food to make her so extra gassy, she’s never farted like this before! She clutches her tummy, she’s so gassy it hurts, and just blasts and blasts and BLASTS hot, smelly ass bombs over and over on your face! Finally, she leaves, even though you paid for more time–this is above her pay grade, the the room stinks so bad she can’t take it anymore!

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