I Want You Choking On My Piss and Shit!



You want my shit so bad you’ll even order it when I’m far away, slave. And in this video, I tell you *exactly* how I want you to serve your Mistress as her toilet. I won’t go easy on you, either. You’ll take all my shit and piss, slave, no mercy! Are you ready to serve? Then open up your containers, slave, and take in the rich stink of my shit and bottled piss. Savor the senses… and hold back, until I tell you what to do. You get to watch me tease and strip for you, first, while I tell you how badly I need to go, and how I’ve been holding it in just for you to watch, how my hot shit is just waiting to pour out my ass. Alright, get ready, slave… because I don’t want you to JUST eat and drink my shit and piss… I want you to go further, I want you to devour my filth like a savage, and abandon your dignity to satisfy me. I’ll tell you ruthlessly while I flick my wet clit how I want you to put that waste to good use!

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