I Want to Fart Out Your Cum!


Model : LoveRachelle2

I’m laying on my back wearing only my thigh-high boots, rubbing my pussy and farting while giving you some naughty dirty talk. I get into a doggystyle position and keep farting, vocalizing my relief and enjoyment each time farts bubble and burst out my butt. I finger my asshole and moan until it comes out dirty. I wish you could suck and sniff my fingers, babe ?? I tell you to get closer to my doggy style ass while I fart and fart over and over again, I even blow out a little shart, pulling my cheeks apart when the farts are really powerful so you can see my rosebud purple up and strain. I want you to eat my ass, baby. I want to sit on your face and fart. I wanna sit on your fucking thick dick and fart all over it. I wish you could fuck my dirty asshole and cover your dock in my shit. I want you to cum in my asshole while I fart–fuck these farts out of me, baby! I want you to cum on the count of 10 to my nasty farts, baby! UGH yes, cum in my farting ass! I want to fart out your cum..!!

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