I smear my diarrhea on the vulgar


I smear my diarrhea on the vulgar body of my pig-slave.; Korean Queen Toilet Slave 047
I smear my diarrhea on the vulgar body of my pig-slave.
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Scat Part
Scat Menu (The Food the queen ate the day before )
Cabbage, soup, shrimp cup noodles, kimchi, carrots, pudding
I am a Korean Queen breeding my toilet slave.
I designed tattoos on my slave’s buttocks and genitals to make him a full captive slave. To serve the rest of my life only for me.
My slave had a human heart at first, but now he is truly aware that he is a My slave.
My slave’s butt asshole tattoos and piercings make himself realize that he is a My slave.
Over and over, I will brand my slave with piercings, tattoos and torture.
My toilet slave’s only meal is my scat, urine, saliva, phlegm, and all the secretions from my body.
Since we have a lot of time left, I’ll educate my slave to eat all of My Scat.
This is a real story in progress.
twitter: @QueenToilets
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