I Know Your Secret… CUM Smelling My FARTS!


Model : LoveRachelle2

In a long, super erotic dress, I complain of gassy bloating and cramping before we’re supposed to go out for a fun event… my ass suddenly begins erupting with big stinky farts! I hike up my dress, I don’t trust these farts! I blow ass over and over again, big noxious stinky farts, they get louder and louder…Finally, I realize you have a hard on… and that you haven’t left because you think this is funny, but because you’re turned on by my farts! I’m shocked!! I always thought you were such a gentleman… ?? Now that I know better, I give you what you want… lots and lots of loud, stinky farts right in your face!! I tell you to cum to my farts on my count, but when I order you to cum at the end, my fart is SO loud the sound drowns out my command, and you cum anyway to my EXPLOSIVE farting and sharting!

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