I Bake POOP Brownies And EAT One!


Model : LoveRachelle2
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FIRST TIME I EAT MY SHIT ON CAMERA! In the form of poop brownies!! 😀

Watch me shit a MASSIVE load into a bowl and bake a fresh batch of brownies with it! 🙂 One half mix, one half shit! I finger fuck my filthy ass and smear it a bit after, and ask you to clean me up a little before I begin… I tease you the entire time while telling you all about my little secrets and personal touches to make my brownies absolutely scat-tacular! 🙂 Then I throw them in the oven and come back later to show you a whole batch of my delicious poop brownies! They look and smell so good, I even eat one–and tell you about my previous, off-camera eating experiences lately… so this will be the first time ANY of you have ever seen me eat my shit!! I tell you how good it tastes and how you guys better watch out, they’re so good I might just eat them all myself 😉 Now I see why people are so addicted to my brownies!!

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