Hungry? Eat My Shit & Piss Lunch Combo!



You’re hard and famished, so you’ve decided to order your lunch from me ?? I love that you want my filth so much you’d actually buy it and have it mailed to you overnight. I fill a lunch container full of my shit and then show off my naughty, poopy butthole and plump pussy, before filling a glass with my piss for you to wash it down with. Then I show you how I prepare my pee to ship, I pour it into a bottle for you to drink out of. Oh, but you know what’s missing? Some of my spit to lube up your cock when you’re jerking off enjoying my waste ?? I fill a vial of spit up for you as well. It takes many attempts to fill it, the longest was waiting 30 minutes of letting my spit build up before it all poured out my mouth in a huge amount. Time to enjoy your meal, make sure to savor every morsel ??

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