HUGE Ass SMEAR and lil’ Twerk


Model : sophiasprinkle
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In this fantasy brought to life through a custom clip, Sophia gets on all fours and lets go of a brown behemoth from her divine asshole. 🤤

She isn’t done yet, though! Not even close. Sophia then starts picking up her turds and rubbing them all over her beautiful ass, blending them into a fragrant brown paste. 💩

Her filthy hands help her clap her ass and she shakes her ass herself as well. 🍑

However, Sophia looks back and notices there’s a lot of brown gold that has not yet been utilized for the project-at-hand and begins really layering everything until there’s nothing left behind. No spot remains untouched, not even the inside of her anus is safe from roving fingers. 😼

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