How To Eat My POO POO Platter



I know that it can be daunting to try to eat my whole Poo Poo Platter, so I’m going to provide you some guidance and encouragement! I control the pacing and the order that you’ll eat my delicious scat treats… Poop Brownies, Banana Butt Muffins, PooNut Butter Cups, Shit-Filled Twinkies, and a yummy Chocolate Shit Cookie Sandwich! I love that you’re enjoying all my naughty treats with my shit in them, and get off telling you how to eat them! Video includes scenes from: “Baking Banana Butt Muffins” “Eat My Shit-Filled Twinkies” “Feeding You My Chocolate Shit Cookies” “I Bake Poop Brownies and EAT One!” “Making Poo-Nut Butter Cups and EATING Some!”

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