How Do You Like My Revenge, ShitFaced Fucker!



“You’re a co-ed party goer who–after a long night of partying–take me back home with you. You’re wearing a dress and sexy heels. Instead of leading me to the bedroom, however, you trick me into following you to the loo. You explain that you’re a bit of a dominatrix so before we bang, you want me to feel some pain first. You slap my balls and laugh, then tell me to get out so you can take a shit. I confess I wanna watch, you mock me, but oblige.You begin by squatting and taking a dump on a plate and then force my head into your smelly mess. After I lift my shit-covered face, you explain that you’re getting revenge for a friend that I did wrong and then take a picture of my shit-covered face to post on Instagram and Twitter under #Shitfacefucker, as you walk out the door. I’m paralyzed from shame and embarrassment!” –The victim, #ShitFaceFucker

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