Hot Steamy Turds


Model : LoveRachelle2
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I’ve got the shower running and decide to have some risky fun with my roommates just down the hall, so I turn on my cam and have some fun! 😉 I tease and touch myself before taking a deliciously steamy sideways shit–if you look close you can actually see my turd literally *steaming* on the floor <3 Watch my wet pussy drip with grool and splurt pee, as I finish pushing out the last of my remaining little poohs, before picking up a find cock of a shit and sucking on it with a sparkle in my eye~

Thick turd chunks fall from my body as I smear warm shit all over my tits. I take another hot log and enjoy licking and sucking it off, spitting filthy saliva down my torso before taking it even further into my mouth <3 I smear my legs with tribal shit stripes, which was seriously one of the funnest things I’ve ever done with my shit, you can see how much I enjoy my rich stinky turds before I wave a crap-caked hand away goodbye <3

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