HOT PEPPER LAVA + Digested Corn



FULL TITLE: (40 minutes) HOT PEPPER LAVA + Digested Corn for a Fan + Liters of fast Shit

(3 SCENES / BRAND NEW camera angles!)

I had some Spicy rice, and it seems I was not able to properly digest everything due to taking multiple anti-acids because it was just too unbearable, literally TOO SPICY. The load came rushing out of my ass like what u’d expect from the shipwrecked food truck it came from. It gave a sharp, unpleasant burning sensation that was long-lasting after it came out, and the fact that the meal was – MANY DIFFERENT COLORS – for my slave to swallow like the good boy he is, made me somewhat happy, even if I had to suffer a little bit through the process. I HAVE FEET ON TOP OF HIS BODY AS I PUSH IT OUT. I really wonder what it tasted like, and if other people could have swallowed that load, or if only HE is good enough to do it đŸ˜€


Fan wanted some Digested Corn to go, hope he likes his special meal. It goes into a plastic container in the end đŸ™‚


Another weird camera angle. Quite alot of shit here.
Fun scene !!!






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