Hard Chunky Turds For Hungry Piggy


Model : Scatsy
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Hope you’re ready for your treat, pig. Today, because you’re such a special little slave, you’ll be getting my hot, “chocolate” brownies, straight from the “oven”… You excited for my sweet chocolate, little pig? They’ll be moist, popping hot and fresh. Get under me and open wide so you can catch my brownies in your mouth! I strain and groan in agony as I push out your treats–I skipped out on my fiber the past few days, so I really have to WORK and PUSH *HARD* to feed you! You better thank me, slave! And you better be a hungry piggy!! Your mouth is filled to the brim with my shit, pig. I can’t even see your teeth anymore! I order you to taste and chew my raw shit in your mouth. You better enjoy those special “treats”, pig, and don’t leave a trace behind! You’re going to eat and swallow all my shit like the pig you are

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