Hand Feeding You My Shit



Tonight I’m going to hand-feed you my hot steamy shit, slave. You must just be starving for my shit, since I’ve left you in here with nothing to eat for so long. Haha, don’t cry, we both know how badly you want my shit. Just look at how hot I am…look at this big, round ass. Don’t you think it’s actually a privilege, eating shit out my sexy ass? You’re not even worth it, you’re not even worth my shit. But that’s all you’re getting. Really, aren’t I quite nice? I even saved this load all day just for you. First I want you to eat my cute crackling farts and smell my shit-filled hole as I wink my poop-brimmed pucker right in your face. About to shit my load in front of you, and instruct you while feeding you my poop piece by piece… Oh, what’s that? I can see you’re getting hard. Maybe you DO like this more than you let on after all… 😉

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