Goddess Worship and Dirty Kisses



This very eager sub granted all my wishes. When I told him to lick, sniff and adore my feet, he did. Asking him to inhale and passionately kiss my hairy armpits excited him. I didn’t even need to ask him to show my voluptuous belly how much he loves it. When I told him to lie there while I sit on his face and smash him into the bed, he gladly did it. He even opened his mouth to receive my juicy load of Goddess piss and shit.

He was such a good boy that I gave him the sweetest scat kisses and allowed him to jack off at the sight of me smearing my curvaceous body with the richly scented shit that he hadn’t swallowed. I bent over and showed him the greatest view of my giant ass and jiggled it just to watch how excited he’d get. I finally spread my shit-covered cheeks and demanded that he cums to my shitty asshole, and (to no one’s surprise) he did.

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