Goddess Feeds You SHIT Feast



I magically poop two loads of shit for you on one go, granting your wish, while giving you a full view of my pooping ass in all its glory, unobstructed in its raw beauty. I moan with pleasure as my poop makes its passage, reminding you that the shit you see coming out of my hole will all be going down your unworthy throat. Soon my entire pile of waste will be in your stomach! Now, begin your feast of all this shit your Goddess has bestowed upon you, slave. Eat it exactly how I tell you–how to chew, savor the texture and taste, how to lick and suck your filthy fingers clean afterwards.. and of course, above all else, how to thank your Goddess for indulging you. I laugh, amused that you’re such a shit eating freak that it takes two loads of crap to satisfy your craven shit loving desires.

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