Giantess Torture


Model : LoveRachelle2

You all look out from under my massive throne, getting an eyeful of my gigantic ass and pussy as I let out a big fart. Smell that, peons? That’s the smell of the last slaves my asshole ate. Come to think of it, my asshole and pussy are getting hungry again… Who wants to go first?I spread my wet, meaty pussy and take one of you little unfortunates and push him all the way inside, squeezing the little man. Now then, which one of you wants to feed my smelly asshole? I grab another little man and put him into my asshole with just their little limbs dangling out. I laugh, putting as many puny humans into my pussy and ass as I please before pushing them out again, chuckling through their screams as I read down and cram them into my smelly gargantuan holes over and over again… None of you can satisfy me!

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