Giantess PantyPoop CRUSH


Model : LoveRachelle2

Oh my goodness! How did such a puny little human make his way onto my gigantic throne? What a surprise, did he crawl his way on my ceiling before jumping down? And in such a dangerous spot! Well I’m shocked because I’m a friendly giantess and if I didn’t spot him I would have sat right down on him!! I never like to hurt the little people! However I put two and two together and realize that he must have a death wish… and to pick my chair, well, he must also know my reputation–I love to panty poop and smash my full panty load all over, feels so warm and good! I think being crushed under my massive earth shattering butt after I poop my panties must be the way he wants to go out! What can I say, I’m a nice giantess! I’ll be happy to oblige… ??

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