Giantess Ex-Girlfriend Farts & Shits You Out!


Model : LoveRachelle2
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I’m just chilling, farting casually on the couch until I look down and find you hiding around my pile of clothes. Eww! What are you doing here, loser. I can’t believe you’d come back. I’ve moved on and I don’t want your small cock anymore, especially after you’ve been shrunk down! I’ve got a hot date with a new man who’s super hung. He sent me pics of his cock and it is massive. It has to be at least twice the size yours is–well, used to be. Ever since you shrank down you’ve become even more useless! Let’s do everyone a favor and get rid of you… I bring your tiny little flailing body up to my giant butthole and fart all over you. You remember my asshole that you loved so much? Well you’re going to be reacquainted when I shit you out! That’s right, I’m going to eat you and turn you into my shit you pathetic loser!

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