Giantess Eats and Shits Out Your Friends


Model : CassieScat
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In this video I’m a giantess, and you’re spying on me as I sit down for some naked lunch time. I notice some of your friends watching me, not as well hidden as you are. I know what they’re upto – trying to steal my food. I decide to punish them by eating them! I tease the last one about being so small and pathetic, before picking him up and swallowing him whole.

After finishing my meal I realise I can still hear your friends screaming from inside me, begging me to release them. But there’s only one way they’re getting out – through my asshole.

A few days later I’m constipated, and your friends are still inside me. As I go to the bathroom to see if I can poop, I finally notice you spying on me. I make you watch as I shit your friends out right in front of you. They couldn’t survive my giantess body, and neither will you when I eat you next!

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