Giantess Diaper CRUSH Revenge


Model : LoveRachelle2
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Custom Video Script: Script: The video starts with you wearing a pull on diaper, towering above your boyfriend. You laugh at his tiny pathetic new size and tell him why you know all about his cheating! Rubbing your diaper and insulting him, you tell him how insignificant he is compared to you and how powerful it makes you feel to look down and tower over him. Now, drunk with power, you can do whatever you want with him. You tell him that you already knew he was cheating for a while, but wanted to save up a few days worth of poop before you shrank him so you could get good use out of your diaper 😉 You then reveal that you shrank his girlfriend too by pulling her out of your diaper and placing her next to him. You laugh and say she’s suffered enough in there for now and that she can sit and watch him suffer now. You pick him up off the floor and put him in your diaper. You then start to load your diaper. “You little shit…….” you tell him while filling your diaper. “This is what you get….” as the seat of your diaper grows bigger and bigger. “Ahh fuuuuuuck…….. yessss” you look back and say to him, as the bulge in your diaper grows more and more. With the diaper fully loaded, you rub the huge bulge in back of your diaper and then tell the shrunken tiny toy girlfriend that it’s her turn. After insulting her and laughing evilly with a grin, you take her and put her in your diaper too so you can get off by rubbing and squishing the load in your diaper with them both in it until you cum.

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