Get Addicted To My Piss and Shit



I tease you with my hot, plump white girl ass. I tell you how I’m going to convince you to not only eat my shit and drink my pee–but insist that once you try a taste, you’ll be *addicted*. I shit onto a plate and piss in a glass for you, teasing you for making me pee shy 😉 I beg you to eat the delicious meal I’ve prepared. I tell you how good it smells, how big my pile of shit is, how good it will taste. Tell you how much it would turn me on to watch you eat this meal. Beg you to take little bites and sips. If you eat a little bite, I would love it, and you’ll be addicted to it, because it tastes so good. Take a bite, babe. Wash it down with a sip of my golden nectar.

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