Gassy Shit Vid For Vored Ex-Boyfriend


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“Gassy Shit Vid For Vored Ex-Boyfriend”

SCRIPT:  You’re my girlfriend and already shrunk me down and swallowed me before the video started. You are making a video to send to my phone while I’m digesting inside you to scare/humiliate me. You talk about how your farts are part of me coming out of your fat ass and how bad the room smells. You humiliate me about me being a loser and no one will miss me. You realize my roommate is watching you and saw everything. You’re scared he’ll tell the cops, but he doesn’t care that you ate me. You both bond over how much of a loser I am. You apologize for how bad your farts smell. You both flirt and you brag on how fat your ass is. You want to have sex but first you have to take a massive dump and ask if he wants to watch.

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