Oh look, a little man! Frozen in fear at the sight of me, aren’t you? Well you should be, puny human.. after all, you’re in the presence of a GIANT woman! I grab you–my hand dwarfs your tiny little body, it feels plump and squished against the firm squeeze of my fingers–I wonder, will you pop before I’ve had my fun with you? 🙂

Why won’t you clean my toes first, puny man? You like the smell of my gigantic stinky feet? Hahaha, that’s right, kiss and lick my toes clean…one by one… oh, you think we’re done? Not a chance 🙂 I fart right in your tiny bitch face. The ring of my asshole threatening to swallow you… haha, you like that too, huh? I wonder if I can make you suffocate just from being forced to only inhale my farts! I stick you in my asshole–you’re sooo far off the floor now, I can feel you struggling away inside me, haha, feels good! 😉 I still have more gas, so I FART you across the room! I even shit a little… I’m so impressed you’re still alive, my tiny little slave… but we’ll see for how much longer.. I feel my poop pushing against the inside of my hole, the pressure starting to build… I stick you in my asshole once again, you’re begging for mercy, and this time I force you into my turd as I push it out–and CRASH, you’re TRAPPED under my GIANTESS PILE OF SHIT! And dead, no doubt, but who knows, maybe you’ll survive… when they find you under a huge log of shit, that is!

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