From Ass To Plate



Taunting and promising you a delicious “home-cooked” meal of my hot chocolate fudge! Fresh and stanky from my big fat white girl ass. I tell you what I ate to make this lovely meal before sitting down and making it for you! You get some great views of my booty pushing out a very generous load for your enjoyment, coils of thick shit being pooped out of my butt and onto a fancy plate for you to enjoy! I tell you how it smells–and tastes, as I lick and enjoy the flavor myself. I have the BEST shit you can get babe, and let’s not kid ourselves–my shit is SO much better than anything you’ve ever shat before. I’m going to make things a little fun for me–to make sure you mindfully consume and clean up every single morsel, I stick a penny in my load for you to find and suck off completely clean after. You’ll miss it and swallow it by mistake if you’re not careful! So don’t be a glutton and make sure to SAVOR my delicious shit, loser! ??

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