FRESH SHIT Reward For Mistress’s SISSY Slave



You think you deserve my fresh hot log of shit as reward for your obedient service, slave? Granted, you have done a good job of following my commands, from daily cleaning tasks, errands, and doing business for me in humiliating ways for my amusement… but I think if you want a special treat, you should go the extra mile for me. I’ve got a pink set of lingerie with fishnets for you to wear, slave, to complement my outfit… you’re just a little accessory for me. Put it on, and take a picture. Make sure your face, the outfit and your pathetic little limp dick are in the photo, too, and post it online where everyone can see it. Haha!! Perfect. You’re so pathetic, I love it. I decide you’re worth the reward slave, but first I take my time teasing you as I flaunt my plump, thick, bouncy ass and finger my stinky hole, can feel your reward inside me slave! Now sniff my finger. Fucking stinks, doesn’t it?? I bet it makes your mouth water. I force your face into my stink hole, bury your face in my ass as I grind up and down. Do you like how it smells, slave? Make you hungry for shit? I shit your reward on a plate for you, and tell you how to eat it. Make sure you eat it all or you’ll NEVER get such a great reward like this again!!

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