Forbidden Apple Sauce



Forbidden Apple Sauce


A new [thong] panty pooping and body smear video!

25~ minutes of absolute fun filth in the middle of my -not- a studio basement.

Watch as my poo slides passed my thong and onto my feet, then I have some fun smearing my body, feet and face! I do lots of anal with my dildo and masturbate like a horny girl, even giving myself a big orgasm! I didn’t work myself open nearly enough though, because when I try to stuff myself with an apple it doesn’t fit! 😒 I have to eat the filthy fruit to make it smaller until I can then finally shove it in! I’ll be sure to try this again in the future.

I’ve been working on my level of “dirty” by becoming more comfortable puking. Watch as I use the dildo to puke out the filthy apple I consumed! Yum yum!

**a SAD disclosure regarding the actually poop. My phone was recording in double-speed! (Why, I don’t know). I tried to correct the issue by slowing it down in editing and some Google search work but it appears I couldn’t correct my mistake. If you have any tips on how this can be fixed, let me know! But otherwise, I’ll do another thong poop in the near future. So sorry for this inconvenience.**






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