First Time Pooping Pantyhose!



I’m in my sweet white innocent dress and pantyhose, but I’m aching to get dirty 😉 I tease you as much as I’m tease myself when I touch myself and strip off my dress (wish you were here to help!) I’ve been needing to shit all day. I piss my pantyhose, loving the warmth and the way it feels before squatting down and shitting up the fine white mesh with some stiff turds~! I squish the shit around and pull down my hose to show you the delicious mess–the clump of poop against my pussy plopping onto the floor <3 I smear my poop all over my bum and put the hose back on to dirty it up even more, only to reveal just how caked my ass is with shit!

Just look at how nasty I am… Haven’t I been a naughty girl? 😉

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