Filthy and MILFY



Filthy and MILFY starts off with me showing you the butt plug that I’ve had in my ass all morning. I pull it out and lick it clean. Then I decide to fuck my ass with my favorite dildo. Anal is never clean for me. I kept farting and shitting so I decided to pull the dildo out and just let it all loose. One of my favorite ways to experience scat is through smearing. I think you can tell, too. Watch my eyes roll back as I smear my smooth soft skin with my foul waste. I used a different dildo in my pussy to make myself cum. I decide to clean off my shitty dildo with my tongue, then flashed my breasts to the camera. They looked far too clean for my tastes, so I smeared them and my belly with the remaining shit. Filthy and milfy.

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